This game is being developed by a single person as a hobby. You are supporting the development & hosting of FarmRPG when you buy Gold. Thank you!

IMPORTANT: Please make sure you "Return to Merchant" after your purchase. If you have problems use the Support section in Farm RPG.

Starter Pack: $5

Includes 200 Gold, 8 Lemonade, 6 Orange Juice, 4 Iced Tea, 2 Grape Juice

100 Gold: $5

Great choice if you want a few Farm Supply perks & support the game!

225 Gold: $10

Enough to get some Farm Supply Perks and increase your Stamina and Inventory some.

600 Gold: $25

Most popular! Freedom to upgrade a lot of things in game.

1300 Gold: $50

Enough Gold to last a while, unless you are addicted to Grape Juice and Lemonade ;)

3,000 Gold: $100

More than enough to unlock everything and extremely helpful in support of the development & hosting costs for the game!

6,500 Gold: $200

You are a hardcore player that needs massive amounts of inventory and stamina. Your support is greatly appreciated!