Code of Conduct
The following rules apply to usernames, the chatbox, bios, messages as well as the rest of the site:
  1. Keep things PG in the chat
  2. While we support healthy intellectual debate, there are certain "hot button" subjects that are best left out of the chatbox. These include, but are not limited to, politics, religion, drug use, modding, and anything else that the Staff see fit to deem as such.
  3. Do not post in all caps.
  4. Do not try to dodge the chatbox sensor.
  5. Do not "spam" the chatbox.
  6. Please only ask for items in the Trade chat channel. Requests in global will be deleted.
  7. Conversations, in Global chatbox, will be in English. Feel free to have conversations in other languages in a custom chat.
  8. What happens on YOUR account is YOUR responsibility. It is not up to staff to try and figure out who is using who's phone or other media device.
  9. Do not message other players asking for personal info.
  10. No spoilers! Don't ruin Help Request stories by posting all about them in chat. Most players would like to discover them all on their own. This is mostly centered around new content and help requests that go live and then immediately get spoiled in chat. Once something has been out for a while, discussion of it in global is probably ok. - UPDATED 9/14/2021
  11. If you do not fulfill your side of agreed trades, your mailbox will be closed.
  12. Multiple accounts are NOT allowed, especially if using these accounts to trade items to a 'main' account.
  13. If you attempt to dodge a ban by any method, you will face more serious consequences.

Botting, Scripting, Mouse Macros, etc
  • While Farm RPG is non-competitive, using any sort of script, bot, macro, etc to play the game in an automated fashion is strictly forbidden.
  • The reason for this is that automating the game causes a large amount of server requests and bandwidth usage that is not ideal as the game grows.
  • Similarly, some browsers allow you to hold Enter key to do certain actions extremely fast. Please don't do this, because again, this causes high strain on the server. - ADDED 9/14/2021
  • If you are found to be doing this, you will get a single warning. If you continue, your account will be banned and removed from the system.
  • Continued abuse will result in a more permanent IP ban. Thank you for understanding.
Can you prevent cheaters?
  • Measures and logs are in place to attempt to prevent cheating, botting, scripting, etc, but due to the nature of web games and browsers there are many ways a player can cheat. Without going to extreme measures such as placing captchas all over the game, there is a limited amount of things that can be done to prevent it.
About purchased gold
  • Purchases for gold are non-refundable
  • If you do a charge-back (refund) / claim via PayPal/Apple/Google for a purchase, your account will be banned.
  • iOS IAPs will be verified within 24 hours of purchase. If your payment is not valid, Gold received will be removed from the account
  • Multiple failed verifications of IAPs will result in the account being banned permanently from the game.
  • If your account is banned for botting/scripting/etc, purchases for Gold will NOT be refunded. This includes support via Patreon.