Code of Conduct
Using the social features of FarmRPG is a privilege. Failure to adhere to the rules below will result in loss of that privilege. These rules apply to usernames, the chatbox, and the entire FarmRPG platform, and by agreeing to them you acknowledge that failure to comply will result in consequences.

Keep things family friendly in the chat and on your profile. We do not tolerate hate-speech or discriminatory language of any kind.
Discussions of extreme violence, drugs, sexual content, and anything else Staff sees as inappropriate is not allowed under any circumstances. This applies to everything viewable on your profile as well. This game is played by people all over the world with different races, creeds, religions, genders, identities, ages, nationalities, marital statuses, and various ideologies. Do not discriminate against any person or class of persons for any reason.

Leave "hot button" subjects out of the chatbox & your public profile.
We don't mind healthy, intellectual debates, but they must remain civil. Some "hot button" topics to avoid include, but are not limited to, politics, religion, drug use, game botting/modding, staff moderation actions, and anything else that the Staff see fit to deem as such. If you are asked to drop a topic, please trust that it is for good reason. FarmRPG is not the appropriate platform to discuss and debate serious matters.

Do not post in all caps, spam or intentionally swear.
Do not try to dodge the chatbox censor or intentionally test what words it catches.
UPDATED APRIL 13 2022 - Spoilers channel now under the same chat rules as the other chat channels.

Please only use Trade/Giveaway chat to exchange or ask for items. If you do not fulfill your side of agreed trades, your mailbox will be closed.
Use Giveaway chat to offer free items. Requests for items to be mailed to you in the other chats will be deleted. Please message a moderator if you need to report a trade dispute ASAP, so we can verify logs and determine appropriate action. Do not wait until days later.

No Real World Trades
Only trades inside the game, for items inside the game, are allowed. No trading of real world currency, items, or cross game is allowed.

If you block a player do not interact with them in any way.
Do not discuss players you’ve blocked in chat. If you blocked someone, it implies you do not want to interact with them, so don’t.

Conversations in the chats will be in English.
Private messages in other languages are fine.

What happens on YOUR account is YOUR responsibility.
It is not up to staff to try and figure out who is using who's phone or other media device.

Do not message other players asking for or offering your own personal info.
Do not post personal info in the chats. If you are under 18 years old, do not discuss that anywhere on the FarmRPG platform. Discussions of “selling” your account within the FarmRPG platform will result in an immediate full game ban.

No spoilers (Except in Spoilers chat).
Don't discuss newly added, unattainable items. Don't ruin new questlines for those who have not completed them yet. Most players would like to discover them all on their own. Once something has been out for a while, discussion of it in global is probably ok, but is up to moderator discretion.

Do not spoil alpha testing unless Firestream talks about the change in the live game, as things in alpha can change vastly before coming to the live game, and misinformation can upset our players. You can discuss alpha testing in Patreon, the alpha server, and in the alpha channel in Discord.

Multiple accounts are NOT allowed for any reason.
Secondary accounts will have the option to keep either the original account, or the secondary. The other account will be permanently deleted.
Using a secondary account to “boost” your main account, send yourself items, or anything of that nature will result in an automatic game ban for all accounts involved. Repeat violations of this rule will result in an IP ban.

Be civil.
If you have drama with someone, leave it out of the chats. If it's something you need help with, privately message a staff member. Treat our players and staff with respect.

Being rude, antagonistic, and argumentative towards staff or other community members is not okay.
We do our best to enforce the Code of Conduct. We feel that the Farm RPG community is one of the least-toxic gaming communities you'll find, but please know that we might not always see an offender right away, even as we do our best to keep the peace. If something is missed, feel free to bring it to the attention of a staff member via a private message.
On that same note, the Staff team will always present themselves as unbiased when interacting with the community. If you’re not fond of a particular staff member, that’s okay. Just conduct yourself appropriately.

If asked to move on from something by a staff member, please do so immediately.
If a comment is deleted from chat, please do not address it in chat or re-send it. If you have a specific question about anything, you can always contact a mod.

Most of the time, we implement chat bans when someone needs time away from chat to cool off because they are making bad choices. If you receive a chat ban, and send inappropriate or insulting messages to the mod who implemented it, you will receive a harsher consequence.

If you attempt to dodge a ban by any method, you will face more serious consequences.
When contacting a staff member regarding a ban or any other reason, choose one point of contact and do not send multiple staff the same information.

Botting, Scripting, Macros, Etc.

Don't do it.
While Farm RPG is non-competitive, using any sort of script, bot, macro, etc to play the game in an automated fashion is strictly forbidden. Discussions involving this topic are also not allowed.
The reason for this is that automating the game causes a large amount of server requests and bandwidth usage that is not ideal as the game grows.

Report browser or in-app exploits or bugs you find to a staff member.
Do not circumvent rules or exploit code to do things you would not normally have access to, or that otherwise aren’t available to you in-game. If you discover an exploit, do not discuss it with other players. Message a moderator in detail of what it is, what platform, and how to replicate it, so Firestream can be aware and patch it.

If you are found to be cheating in any way, you will get a single warning.
If you continue, your account will be banned and removed from the system.
Continued abuse will result in a more permanent IP ban. Thank you for understanding.
Measures and logs are in place to attempt to prevent cheating, botting, scripting, etc, but due to the nature of web games and browsers there are many ways a player can cheat. Without going to extreme measures such as placing captchas all over the game, there is a limited amount of things that can be done to prevent it.

About purchased gold

Purchases for gold are non-refundable.
If you do a charge-back (refund) / claim via PayPal/Apple/Google for a purchase, your account will be banned.
iOS IAPs will be verified within 24 hours of purchase. If your payment is not valid, Gold received will be removed from the account.
Multiple failed verifications of IAPs will result in the account being banned permanently from the game.
If your account is banned for any reason, purchases for Gold will NOT be refunded. This includes support via Patreon.