Can turn some things red
Item Details
  • My Inventory
    0 on hand
  • Sell Price
    Sell at Farmer's Market
    2,500 Silver
  • Craftable
    Requires Crafting Level 73
    250 Silver
  • XP Value
    XP gained to Skill
    4,000 XP
  • Givable
    Can be placed in Mailboxes
    Must be Farming Level 75 to send item
    Must be Farming Level 75 to receive item
  • Help Requests
    Left to complete that require this item
    3 Left
  • Mastery Stats
    Number of Players
    Mastered: 8,330
    Grand Mastered: 3,296
    Mega Mastered: 27
  • Mastery Progress
    0 / 10 Progress
    No Tier
Crafting Recipe
The following items are required to craft Red Dye. If the item name is in red, you don't have enough of this item.
Crafting Use
Red Dye is required to craft any of the following items.