Adds 100 Stamina
Item Details
  • My Inventory
    0 on hand
  • Sell Price
    Sell at Farmer's Market
    35 Silver
  • Craftable
    Requires Crafting Level 5
    2 Silver
  • XP Value
    XP gained to Skill
    500 XP
  • Givable
    Can be placed in Mailboxes
    Must be Farming Level 50 to send item
  • Flea Market
    On sale now!
    3 Gold   arrow_right
  • Pet Shop
    Gray Hedgehog, Greater Capybara
  • Help Requests
    Left to complete that require this item
    13 Left
  • Mastery Stats
    Number of Players
    Mastered: 17,586
    Grand Mastered: 6,496
    Mega Mastered: 425
  • Mastery Progress
    0 / 10 Progress
    No Tier
Crafting Recipe
The following items are required to craft Orange Juice. If the item name is in red, you don't have enough of this item.