Development Roadmap
This is a high level roadmap of planned and future development efforts for Farm RPG. This is NOT an all-inclusive list of changes/updates, but rather some of the larger updates planned for the future. This is subject to change and will be updated as ideas and plans are adjusted.
Remainder of 2021
Pig Pen, Feed Mill, Bookshelf, Wishing Well, New Fishing + Exploring Zones
Horse Stables, Horse Racing, Glassworks, Halloween Event
Cooking Skill, Tavern System, New Fishing + Exploring Zones, Thanksgiving Event
Mining Skill, Daily Chores, Christmas Event
2022 & Beyond
Q1 2022
Advanced Exploration System, Beer-making / Brewery, Combat Skill
Q2 2022
Bee Keeping, Goats, Fishing Weather Cycles, Hunting Skill
Q3-Q4 2022
Farm Prestige System, Multi-farm System, Farming Co-Ops
Please remember that anything can change and the above timeline is not guaranteed to happen in the order presented.