This is a high level roadmap of planned and future development efforts for Farm RPG. This is NOT an all-inclusive list of changes/updates, but rather some of the larger updates planned for the future. This is subject to change and will be updated as ideas and plans are adjusted.

Please remember that the updates listed below are not guaranteed to happen in the order presented and could be cancelled or revised at any time.

Private Testing
Alpha Testing
Beta Testing
Live Game
Cancelled or Revised
2024 Efforts
  • In Work
    This list is not really in order of development, but just a summary of things being worked on concurrently.

    Future Growth:
    Since 14 Feb 2024, most of the lag issues we were facing have been resolved. Overall, the game is running pretty well with 4k+ concurrently playing. However, in prep for continued growth and expansion to Steam, we are working on some major architectural changes. This is an ongoing effort that still has a bit to complete. Alpha and Beta players will be involved once it is closer to being ready to test.

    Mining Skill:
    The next major skill being added to the game is Mining! The development and planning is coming along very well. We are working to create a fun mini-game along with passive elements to the system with a lot of longevity. Mining is currently playable in Alpha as an early preview.

    New Exploration Location:
    The next exploration location is being setup. Progress is going well and accessing this location will require finding all 36 puzzle pieces (currently only 5 are possible). A challenging questline will be part of the route to accessing this location as well and we are very excited about the storyline being developed!

    More App Notifications:
    We are also beginning to work on cooking notifications for Android. Thank you for your patience.

    Pet Levels:
    Some work is being done to give a nice reason to level your pets above level 6. The planning for this is going well and more updates will be shared later on.

    Game Accessibility:
    We have a large amount of players that use iOS voiceover and other screenreader software. Continued efforts will be made to improve accessibility around the game.

    Questline Development:
    The Quest team is hard at work preparing new questlines, stories and adventures with the Townsfolk.

  • High Level Concepts
    The following is a list of ideas that might be added to the game, but are not guaranteed.

    Tavern System, Greenhouse, Horse Stables, Horse Racing, Scarecrow System, Mining Skill, Duck Pond, Beer-making / Brewery, Combat Skill, Voyages, Improved Trading System, Auction System, Bee Keeping, Goats, Fishing Weather Cycles, Hunting Skill, Farm Prestige System, Multi-farm System, Farming Co-Ops, Hall of Fame

2024 Progress
April - June
Sleep RPG, Elemental Egg Hunt, Truffle Market, 3rd Birthday Event, Supply Vouchers, Quick Give Perk, Townsfolk Bobbleheads
January - March
Android Crop Ready Notifications, Frozen Fishing Event Phase II, Lag Reduction, Tower Levels 200-250, Android Background Music, Profile Cleanup

Completed in 2023
October - December
Spooky Pie Meal, Accessibility Improvements, Updated Halloween Theme, Haunted House, Ghost Hunting, Improved Settings, Mega Mastery Rewards, Frozen Fishing Event, Cooking Ready Notifications (iOS), Auto-Fishing, Tower Levels 200-219, Mining Skill, New Exploration Zone
July - September
4th of July Event, Mailbox Shop, New Quests / NPCs / Friendship Levels, Roaming the Halls Redbrook Adventure, Back-to-School Bash Event, Sawmill Pine Boards, Harvest Animations, Borgen's Belt Collection
April - June
BuddyGPT, Egg Hunt Event, New Omelette Meals, Borgen Bucks, Egg Hunt Adventure, Sturdy Saw, Crop Ready Notifications (iOS), Quick Store Perk, RaptorDex, House of Cards, Birthday Event
January - March
Charter/Expedition Early Collection, Spin Wheel x10 Option, Crop Inventory Counts Section, Condensed Farm View, Text Size Settings, Temple of Reward (Mercy System), Post Office Password Log, Valentine's Mini-Event, Tower 150-199, House of Cards, 250K Mini-Event, Large Net Launcher Setting, Hide Help Requests

Completed in 2022
October - December
Friendship Rewards, Cooking Skill, Buddy's Adventure, October Event, Jill's Corn Maze, Redbrook Adventures, Thanksgiving Mini-Event, December Event, Large Nets x10, Comet's Adventure
July - September
Skill Level Rewards, Level 80 Exploring Zone, Schoolhouse, Back-to-School Event, Raptor Fight Club, QoL Updates, Craftworks, Friendship Levels, Friendship Rewards (Beta), Cooking Skill (Beta), Library Favorites (Beta)
April - June
New Server, Egg Hunt Event, The Tower, Android IAPs, Birthday Event, Art Gallery, QoL Updates, Exchange Center, Lv 80 Fishing Zone, Steelworks, Auto-refreshing Mailboxes (Beta), XP to Silver Conversion, Personal Help Requests
January - March
Wheel of Borgen, Merit Badges, Bookshelf, Trade Rep System (Alpha), New Fishing Bait: Mealworms, Apple Cider Repurpose, The Vault, Daily Chores, Referral System, Lag Reduction, QoL Features, Large Nets, Arnold Palmers, Valentine's Day Event, St Patricks Day Mini-Event, Workshop Item Order

Completed in 2021
Blizzard / Snow, New Mailbox UI, Community Center, Lag Reduction, Christmas Event, 2022 Planning
Apple Cider, Storehouse Item Storage, Crafting Effectiveness, Raptor Pen, Thanksgiving Mini-Event, New Workshop UI, Saved Perk Sets, Lag Reduction
Feed Mill, New Exploring Zone, Pig Pen, iOS App 1.3, Halloween Event, New Fishing Net UI, Glassworks
Wishing Well, Locksmith, New Fishing Zone, New Farming UI, New Inventory UI
iOS IAPs, My Friends, New Server, Quarry, Pet Shop, Gummy Worms
July 4th Event, Storehouse, Steak Kabobs, Ironworks, Stamina Effectiveness, Hay Field, Item Mastery
Help Requests, Iced Tea, Fishing Baits, Cow Pasture, Auto-Crafting
May 12 - Official Launch
Grape Juice, Vineyard / Wine, Expeditions, Fishing Charters, Lemonade, Steak Market, Sawmill, Dark Mode, Post Office, Runestones, Farmhouse