Auto-Crafting can be unlocked from you Workshop for 500,000 silver once you are Crafting Level 20.

1) To auto-craft, select the item you would like to craft and it will default to the max possible based on your Inventory.
2) Then hit GO and the resources and Silver needed to auto-craft will then be taken.
3) The Auto-Crafter will craft the item in each slot every minute and place it into your Inventory.
4) You can start the same item multiple times if you do fewer than max possible each and if you have enough slots.
4) Perks that affect crafting cost & crafting XP will apply. You will earn Crafting XP every minute.
5) You cannot stop the Auto-Crafter once it starts! It will pause if you run out of Inventory space.

You gain XP for crafted items, but they do not add to the Items Crafted count on your Profile

You start with 1 Auto-Crafting slot. You can unlock additional Auto-Crafting slots for 1M Silver, 10M Silver, 100M Silver, and so forth.

Auto Duplicator I - 10% chance auto crafting will craft an extra (from Skill Perks)
Auto Duplicator II - 10% chance auto crafting will craft an extra (from Farm Supply)
These stack for 20% chance to duplicate items when they are crafted.

You will see the result of Auto Duplicator perks when the Auto-Crafting jobs are complete. Example: 16 of 15

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