To fish, you need some bait. You can get fishing bait at the store in Town

How do you catch a fish?
First wait to see the fish's shadow appear, then tap it.

You will then see a moving blue dot that you need to tap fast enough to catch the fish. There are 3 possible patterns that will be at various speeds depending on your fishing location. The patterns may also be inverted.
Pattern 1 - Full swing right to left

Pattern 2 - Full swing right to left with a pause in the middle in one direction

Pattern 3 - Semi-full swing, offset a bit to the left or right

Tip: Rather than chasing the dot with your finger or cursor, keep position on one side of the catch bar, and start tapping as the dot moves towards the edge.

When do I lose bait?
You lose a piece of bait if you miss a fish or catch a fish.

Fishing Streaks

Building Upgrades
Farm Pond - Fishing Level 5
Worm Habitat - Fishing Level 10
Trout Farm - Fishing Level 15 & requires Farm Pond

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