This is a list of the people in town and a little about them.

Rosalie enjoys planning large-scale events and meals for the other people in town. She is eager to help in any way possible. Some folks say strange things often happen around Rosalie.

Holger has a reputation for having quite the appetite. When not eating he is either cutting wood or thinking about his next meal. Holger has a brother he doesn't see very often.

Borgen is Holger's brother. He is out exploring most of the time trying to find rare treasures to sell. He will come to town once a week on Wednesdays and setup his camp. Borgen doesn't care about your silver or gold though, he wants Ancient Coins for some reason.

Beatrix is a little bit crazy in that she is always working on something the other townsfolk think to be a bit odd.

Thomas is an amazing fisherman in his own mind. To everybody else, well....

Cecil is old money and is always looking for something to put his attention on to keep from getting bored.

George is a former soldier looking for a quiet life away from the world.

Jill runs her own large farm and isn't afraid of hard work.

Vincent is a mercenary. He comes and goes like the wind, swearing allegiance to no one.

Lorn is as wise as they come and always there for advice if needed.

Charles Horsington III

Also, see Buddy

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