Here you can buy hard to find items & more with Gold. Items available in the Flea Market refresh at the top of every hour.
Current Items (Changes Hourly)
  • Pine Cone
    Smells like the forest
  • Cheese
    Savory and delicate
  • 4-leaf Clover
    Often overlooked
  • Wooden Mask
    Not creepy at all
  • Spectacles
    They’re spectacular!
  • Pirate Flag
    Jolly Roger
  • Captains Log
    Full of pirate secrets
  • Small Spring
    A helical metal coil
  • Small Flute
    Practice makes perfect
  • Spider
    Kill it with fire!
  • Water Lily
    You probably can't stand on this
  • Gold Leaf
    A thing of beauty
  • Orange Gecko
    Fifteen minutes could save you...
  • Gold Peppers
    They're more of a Major Peppers
    than a lowly Sergeant

  • Gold Peas
    We don't recommend making them into a soup
Juices & More (Always Here)
  • Drink Bundle
    Full of helpful drinks
    Includes OJs, Lemonades, Ciders,
    Grape Juices, Arnold Palmers,
    and Ice Teas

  • Tackle Box
    Full of helpful items
    Includes bait, fishing nets,
    large nets and Ice Teas

  • Grape Juice
    Instant crops, consumable,
    one-time use

  • Apple Cider
    1000+ Stamina Use
    Does not give Stamina
    Works with Wanderer Perks
    Need at least 1000 Stamina to use

  • Freaky Picture
    Who even is this
  • Orange Juice
    Adds 100 Stamina
  • Ancient Coin
    From another age
  • Lemonade
    Finds items while exploring
  • Fishing Net
    Can catch stuff
  • Green Dye
    Can turn some things green
  • Peach Juice
    Causes invisibility
  • Iced Tea
    Restores your best fishing streak
  • Gummy Worms
    Quick fish, 3x Fishing XP
Greeting Cards (Always Here)
  • Thank You Card
    Just a small token of appreciation
  • Congratulations Card
    You did something awesome!
  • Capy Birthday Card
    Capy Birthday to you!
  • You Rock Card
    Gneiss job!
  • Get Well Soon Card
    Aw feel better!
Gold Items (Tradeable)
  • 5 Gold
    Open at Locksmith for 5 Gold
    Givable to other players

  • 10 Gold
    Open at Locksmith for 10 Gold
    Givable to other players

  • 25 Gold
    Open at Locksmith for 25 Gold
    Givable to other players

  • 50 Gold
    Open at Locksmith for 50 Gold
    Givable to other players

  • 100 Gold
    Open at Locksmith for 100 Gold
    Givable to other players