To farm, you need to start your farm and get some seeds in Town. Seeds will grow into crops after a certain amount of time. Just come back to your farm and harvest the crops when they are ready.

What do I do with the crops I have grown?
The best thing to do is go into Town and to the Farmer's Market and sell the crops you have grown. You'll earn Silver from your effort that you can use to buy more seeds or do other things around Farm RPG.

Will crops die if you don't harvest them soon enough?
No! Currently there is no penalty for not harvesting your crops. They will be there even if you need a week to come back to the game.

How do I get better crops?
As you grow crops you improve your Farming Skill and as that increases you can buy slower crops from the Country Store. Slower crops can sell for more Silver.

Does crop income go up with slower growing seeds?
Yes! The first 4 or 5 seeds will all make about the same amount of profit, but after you start getting seeds that take hours to grow you will see your profits curve up nicely.

Building Upgrades
Chicken Coop - Farming Level 5
Cow Pasture - Farming Level 15
Vineyard - Farming Level 25

Farming Experience
You gain farming experience by planting and growing crops, but you also get experience by buying upgrades to your farm. An upgrade provides 1xp per silver piece of cost to build the upgrade. For example, the first extra row of crops costs 1000 silver to build. This will provide 1000 XP towards farming. All building's initial cost gives farming experience, though upgrading those buildings does not. Adding more chickens to your Chicken Coop does not give more farming experience.

Crops all give a flat 15 experience when they are planted. They then give a set amount of experience, based on the type of crop, when they are harvested. Double Prize perks do not increase the amount of farming experience gained when harvesting crops.

The following table relates all crops cost, level, experience, time to grow, xp, and silver gained per hour for these crops, assuming you have no perks unlocked to speed up growing time or increase the base silver selling price, for 1 plot.

NameLevelCostXPGrow TimeXP/HourSell PriceProfitProfit/Hour
Pepper19101 minute60010160
Carrot218202 minutes60020260
Pea429303 minutes60032360
Cucumber638404 minutes60042460
Eggplant847505 minutes60053672
Radish1010010010 minutes6001131378
Onion1215915015 minutes6001802184
Hops1421220020 minutes6002402884
Potato1626725025 minutes6003033686.4
Tomato1833030030 minutes6003754590
Leeks206806001 hour6007759595
Watermelon2314008402 hours4201600200100
Corn26296016804 hours4203400440110
Cabbage30608033608 hours4207000920115
Pumpkin409360504012 hours420108001440120
Wheat50194401008024 hours420225003060127.5

More analysis provides some interesting insight. The XP/Hour column above only considers the Harvest XP of the crops, and ignores the 15 XP for the initial planting. Below, this is factored in, giving Peppers a huge jump. Max Perks XP/Hour factors in the maximum quick farming and irrigation perks, to cut growing time by 80%. The max perks profit for hour factors in the maximum growth speed, the maximum selling price perks of +60%, and the Double Prizes perks, with an assumed average of 40% of the crops being doubled.

NameTotal XPTotal XP/HourMax Perks XP/HourMax Perks Profit/Hour*

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