Referral System
How does it work?
Once you get a referral code, you can give it to people so that they can enter it when they sign up to play the game.

What do I get?
When a player that used your code reaches Farming Level 10 two things happen:
- You get 50 Gold
- The player that used your code gets 25 Gold

How do I get a code to give out?
Currently the Referral System is limited to only certain members. We will open this up to more people in the future.

Will I be able to get credit for a referral later on?
Yes, once the system is more widely open, players that you referred to the game will be able to go set your code so that you get credit, etc.

I would like a referral code to give out to my audience
Today, if you have a large audience, you might be eligible to have a referral code setup that you can give out to people to have them use when they join the game. Basically we want to use this system to help promote Farm RPG to large Twitch/YouTube/Social audiences. If you think you qualify here, feel free to get in touch with a staff member.

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